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Guest Reviews

Our mission is to ensure our guests experience the trip of a lifetime!
We are proud that over 99% of our guests book additional adventures with us and/or refer us to their friends and families. Read our reviews and discover what our wonderful adventurers have to say! 

Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime in Kenya and I truly don’t have the words to describe what an incredible experience it was. I’m overcome with emotion thinking back on it, and I know this experience will be with me forever. Deep gratitude to AFE Adventures for curating a beautiful, brilliant and impactful journey.

I highly recommend this tour company for an authentic experience.

(So hard to choose from the hundreds of photos! Shared via FB)

Monique L. 

Kenya January 2024


Both of my daughters and I had the most amazing, unforgettable, and life changing trip to Kenya in January 2024. The whole experience was pure magic! We chose AFE for this adventure of a lifetime because we knew they, like us, are ethical vegans which assured us that all aspects of our trip would reflect that mindset. Mingling with the orphaned baby elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was definitely a highlight! Some other memorable experiences were feeding endangered Rothschild giraffes at Giraffe Center, visiting KSPCA, which is the only facility dedicated to domestic animal welfare in all of Kenya, visiting and handing out school supplies to the children in a Masai village school, and of course, all the animals we encountered! The opportunity to see all sorts of wild animals, birds and other creatures in their natural environment is what motivated us to come to Kenya. It was enthralling to see all the wondrous wild creatures just living their lives as they're meant to do -- in the wild. Quiet excitement would overcome us when the animals would sometimes stroll near the vehicles, seemingly unafraid of us. We always felt safe with the very experienced and friendly drivers/safari guides, and they provided us with their vast knowledge of all the animals, birds, vegetation and terrain on the long drives to/from our destinations, as well as during our safari drives within the Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park. Each safari drive was a treasure hunt. We didn't know what animals or birds we would encounter as our drivers/guides talked back and forth on the radio, and off we'd go on an exhilarating and sometimes bumpy ride to the next incredible sighting of wildlife. All three of us agreed that our favorite animal sightings were the elephants, but every single wild creature we encountered was amazing! The incredible diversity of wildlife, as well as all the warm and friendly people of Kenya are what will (hopefully) bring one or more of us back to this amazing country. We brought home lasting memories and the "Jambo Bwana" earworm. Thank you Thyra and AFE for curating such an epic adventure!

Cathy L.

Kenya, January 2024

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My favorite was being in the mara, riding out of the top of the truck in the wind and the sun, surfing the big muddy ruts in the road or bumping around off-road, looking for animals and enjoying the clouds and sky.  It didn't matter what animals we saw, just being there was the best part.  I could breathe. 

I always felt safe (even in the river when I was a bit nervous, I knew the guys would figure something out). The restaurants in Nairobi were amazing!   All of the drivers were awesome! Hotel Rudi is a gem and their staff is so kind! I still liked Camp Fisi the best because that's where I was challenged and grew the most.  I loved EVERYTHING about the masai mara.  Thank you for providing these trips!  I told you when I signed up that I needed some good in my life.  This was the best thing I've ever done for myself.  I needed space, perspective, and a kick in the ass.  I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.  I am a better person because of it. 


P.S.  Please tell everyone at Camp Fisi thanks again and that I miss them immensely.  And if we could craft another mud house next to Marie's I could help cook or order and restock Stoney Tangawizis?

Tricia H.

Kenya January 2024


Everything was amazing from seeing all the animals in the wild for the first time, to getting to finally visit Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which has been a dream of mine for a really long time. The safari drives were exhilarating in every way, from seeing all the different wildlife to learning so much about the animals from the guides. The amazing people I met along the way really made this trip one I will never forget and hopefully get to do again really soon! From the caring staff at Hotel Rudi, the fantastic drivers, and the Masai who shared their culture with us and gave us a life changing experience! Everyone was amazing and truly made this experience so special! Also, the vegan food exceeded my expectations and was great at every place we went to! I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved upon. Thank you, Thyra, for this incredible adventure that has exceeded my expectations on every level! 


"Thank you again for an amazing trip, as usual!

I think the whole trip was amazing, hard to pinpoint the exact parts! I think the most memorable was the cooking class, ENP, all the temples, the kids, THAI FOOD, .. There was just so much!

You know that I'm dying to go to another trip, so please keep me posted when you start adding other countries! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE traveling with you (and Christi)!"

Blanka T-R

Thailand, 2023


"My journey to Thailand was nothing short of a revelation and an exhilarating odyssey. The experience was a vibrant tapestry of excitement, empathy, adventure and personal growth. Spending 3 days at the Elephant Nature Park, a humanitarian trip to an orphanage with supplies for the kids, the cooking class and the villages in the remote mountains was not only exciting, but also very humbling. The memories created and new friends made in the Land of Smiles are not just travel anecdotes but chapters in a transformative journey, where every experience contributed to a richer, more nuanced understanding of the world and oneself. Thailand, with its intoxicating blend of culture and nature, proved to be not just a destination but a catalyst for a life lived more fully. Thank you Arte For Elephants and Thyra Rutter for a life changing adventure! Can't wait for the next trip"

Stan G

Thailand, 2024


" I felt very safe everywhere we went and everyone was so friendly! The tours were great! The cooking class was a definite plus!


. Loved the personal touches AFE gives on each trip to make everyone feel inclusive! Malloy is a good addition. The accommodations are always better than expected as was the food!

Thanks for a wonderful experience and awesome memories! Loved the trip! Looking forward to hearing about the Nepal trip"

Sonia M

Thailand, December 2023


"The ease of being a guest on this experience how everything was handled so incredibly well for us, and the quality of the excursions.  It was so easy to enjoy myself to the fullest without having to think about anything!

Malloy was a huge positive leader. "

Sandy M

Thailand, December 2023


"My words won’t come close to expressing the deep wonder and awe felt on this amazing journey!  This is my second adventure with Thyra & David - Arte for Elephants.  I WILL BE TAKING more trips in the future without a doubt. The thought and care they take to make sure every guest is happy and fulfilled is immeasurable and truly heartfelt. 

My favorite part was the elephants of course!  Their magnificent eleoquence is mind blowing!  But truly, every animal was so amazing. We saw so many glorious wild animals living life to the fullest in the Maasai Mara and Amboseli. I couldn’t have asked for or expected anything more. Each corner turned was better than the last. If thats at all possible!  

Another favorite part was spending time with my new found travel companions!  The bond you will have is something unexpected if this is your first journey with Thyra & David. 

If you are a single traveler, have no fear!  I felt safe and very secure. 

Lastly, the PEOPLE of Kenya are so kind and hospitable. They will leave a mark on your heart and you will take away a piece of Africa for the rest of your life. 

I highly advise booking your trip ASAP. Don’t wait another second to lock in your trip of a lifetime!  You won’t be disappointed. 

Thank you T & D from the bottom of my heart! "

Robin V

Kenya, July 2023


"Travelling with AFE Adventure was such a unique experience, and one I will never forget. The best part about travelling with this group is that Thyra and David don't just have a deep love for animals, they know and love the communities at each destination we travel to. I knew travelling to Kenya would have been something I never would have done on my own. I'm so happy my sister and I chose to travel with Arte for Elephants because I know I wouldn't have had a more authentic trip that truly connects you to the community and the animals. 

The most unique aspect of AFE Adventures is the heart that goes into it - and everyone feels it. There was so much love, respect, and excitement that the entire group felt for every aspect of the trip. It's the type of travel you can feel good about because everyday you have an opportunity to support the local economy and organizations that promote animal welfare and enrich the lives of people living there."

My favorite highlights were visiting the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, staying at Fisi Camp and getting to know the Maasai, and of course the long safaris because they built so much excitement with every turn."


Eliana H.

Kenya, July 2023


"I Thought it was an incredible experience.  Around every curve there was something breath takingly awesome.  

I really can't pick a favorite experience.  Enjoyed and learned a lot with everything we did.  Visiting the school and village were eye opening and incredibly humbling.  I know I would not have experienced that with any other tour group.  And everything we did before we went on safari was great.

I can't think of anything you could improve on.  Perfection!!!  So well planned and organized.  No detail left out.  

Thanks also for all you did to get our luggage.  Much appreciated."


Karen W. 

Kenya July 2023


 "This trip was absolutely everything I had hoped for and more. It is important to distinguish this adventure from a "tour" because to call it that is akin to calling an elephant just an animal. This was a trip that reached down and touched my heart and soul forever. It was a trip where you were not an observer but a participant. And that distinction is huge. I don't even have the words to describe what it was like to meet the school children and local people as friends and not just travelers.  And seeing all those wondrous animals in their natural environment is also something that I don't have the words to describe because it's bigger than words! Sharing this experience with my son David was a mother's dream!


Seriously, everything was a highlight. It is very hard to place one experience above another because they were all so meaningful and exciting. But if I had to pick a couple I would have to say Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and seeing Craig and and and ......... everything else!!!

I have to add how awesome it was for you to give us a full day of wonderful places to see the day before the actual start of the package. That was above and beyond and so appreciated. 


 I seriously cannot think of anything you could improve on!"

Wendy M

Kenya, July 2023


"Being out on safari is one of the most incredibly peaceful and spiritual mediations I have experienced in my life. The stillness of observing the surrounding African world of color and life, the angle of sunlight, direction of the wind, and the oneness of all living things is so awe inspiring and will surely leave a great impact on me. I feel like the time we spent in the natural world was able to reset my mind and soul back to factory settings. It recharged my batteries for what is next and these memories will surely help me through future challenges. 


2) What were your favorite highlights?

The double cheetah kill. I loved the excitement of seeing that action of nature with my own eyes, although I know that many others did not share that sentiment. Also I really enjoyed hiking up Lakanishu, visiting the school children, and hanging out with the Masai people. Also just the moments of hanging out in the car with different people laughing and talking/brainstorming about life and dreams and ideas. Thyra and David made everything on this trip so perfect to enjoy and soak up the experiences and places we visited. Thank you for putting in the time to know Kenya, make connections, arrange everything, and your unfailing positivity. We never could have experienced any of this without all of your time and efforts and not even google would have pointed the way to all the things we saw and did. 

Just keep doing what you’re doing for as long as possible because I truly believe in your mission and I think it does make the world a better place."

David M. 

Kenya, July 2023

"I don’t have words to express happy and lucky I was to find AFE! This has become a core memory for me because of you, Thyra, David and Malloy! 


Sheldrick, the school, the Big 5 and Craig!

I do not have any suggestions for how to make my trip better because it was literally incredible beyond words! You made this experience so personal and unforgettable I will be returning to do Thailand!"

Danielle W.

Kenya, January 2023


"Brilliantly fantastic with a great laid back casual attitude. The safari was made  perfect by having guides who actually enjoyed what they were doing rather than just leading a group not really caring if the group were following or not and not to mention that because of this we had a group that bonded.

Basically it would be wrong to state a favorite even the possibly least favorite moments were necessary for the total enjoyment.

What could possibly be better.

Thank you guys for a brilliant safari I really hope to join you again soon on another adventure."

Paul J. 

Kenya July, 2023


"I thought the trip was fantastic...It was magical to see the African animals in their natural environment.  I really was awe struck by Kenya. I found the Masai people very polite and fascinating.  There were many highlights, but seeing Craig was mystical for me. He was looking at me, and there was peace and wisdom in his eyes. It was so special to me. I think a solo traveller would do very well with Arte for Elephant tours. The people were great, and while I am an introvert, I did bond with a few people. Everyone was nice and respectful. I will spread the word on FB, and will definitely consider another Arte for Elephants vacation tour. If you could tell Molloy I said goodbye, I would appreciate it. I did not get to say goodbye to him. He is really nice and knowledgeable.

Asante Sana ! "

Anne O.

Kenya, July 2023


Favorite thing? 

"This is really difficult to answer as the whole adventure was mind blowing!

But Elephants  definitely the elephants.

 The tour guides were very helpful and excellent with their knowledge of the places we went. 

I was really impressed with the overall trip, while there were a few hiccups here and there, in my opinion that made it even more enjoyable and adventurous. 

 Keep on doing what you’re doing. "

Katy C.

India March 2023


"We really enjoyed the trip to India and Ken was thrilled to see the
1) To me I can't really think of a favorite thing, I enjoyed everything,
maybe I liked Varanasi the most. Ken obviously the tigers! Also I willnever forget getting on that train.
I really can't think of anything that needs improvement. All the
hotels we stayed in were nice. e

My overall impression was that it was very well organized, we got to
see things that me and Ken wouldn't otherwise have seen or experienced if we were traveling by ourselves, like the cafe run by acid attack victims which we really enjoyed visiting.

 Shelly did a good job sorting things out and keeping us informed."

Marie and Ken C. 

India, March 2023


Favorite thing? 

"Being able to visit Wildlife SOS and finally meeting you.

The people on the trip made this as fun as possible. We worked well together as a team!


 Truly this experience was once in a lifetime. I was so glad to have met you and cannot thank you enough for setting up the perfect proposal. I will 100% be traveling with AFE again."


Raine H. 

India March 2023 

"The best thing about the AFE trip to India and all AFE trips is the sustainable aspect of the travel. We know that as tourists with AFE that every dollar spent benefits the local community in one way or another. The amount of time and attention spent planning every detail and working with local vendors to ensure an ethical and meaningful trip for travelers is unmatched. AFE does it right!


India highlights include our time spent with Wildlife SOS. It was truly magical, including the visit to the rescued sloth bears, the elephant hospital, and especially our time doing volunteer work at the elephant conservation center. It was fun to prepare lunch for the elephants and the walk in the fields with them was magical, not to mention the wedding proposal! We were also able to vote with our wallets there and our little group spent about $1,000 in the gift shop!  


Varanasi was also a highlight. Akiles is the right choice of guides for this area. Everything from the hotel to the morning boat ride, evening ceremony, visit to the fort, rickshaw, and visit with the family at the organic farm was perfect. Even the Italian restaurant came at a time when non-Indian food lovers really needed a great meal was really good! The shop selected by our tour guide on the walk through town stated that they help to promote the local community and presented a charity name, but I misplaced the flyer. If valid, this was a good store to visit, as the prices really were reasonable and the items were pretty cool. Overall, the Varanasi tour was well run, with great local flavor.  


My favorite highlights were somewhat unscheduled - the run for the train and the overnight ride will NEVER be forgotten. it was one of my favorite, fun international travel moments. The 8-12 hr bus ride also had unexpected surprises/benefits. When we stopped for an impromptu lunch, we were able to visit local kids and share some ice cream. Later, when we blew a tire, we met some local boys for a dance off, interacted with a goat herder, and one of the guides took a few of us across the street into the local community where we met a barber, school kids, and a dung manufacturing family. It was the people of India who made all of this time truly magical. I was completely unprepared for the immediate and total response to just a simple smile. Once I discovered that a smile truly does open doors, it was all over! 


Thank you for incorporating SHEROES cafe. That experience was deep, heavy, and so thought provoking on many levels. That day in general was personally my most challenging day in India. It was a lot, but absolutely necessary.


The hotels in Agra, Bandhavgargh, and Varanasi were FABULOUS! The management/staff at all three were great. Agra - wow the suites!...such a surprise; Tiger's Den - great food, pool, gift shop (locally run and reasonable!), walkable tiny little town; Varanasi - exceptional in every way, young female host there was wonderful, great location, no bar - no problem! Wildlife SOS lodging was also great and it was so much fun to interact with the local families and SOS staff during our stay and particularly for Holi. I would have slept on a mat on the floor for that experience, but was very happy not to have to. ;)"

Linda B 

India, March 2023

*** AFE Golden Elephant Club Member

(3 AFE Adventures)


5 or 10 Stars

"I loved every second,  but the Maasai Mara was magical for me, especially being with the wonderful Maasai guides/drivers 

I can't imagine it being better.

I'm so thankful you jumped on it when I said I'd really love to see the gorillas. The trip was awesome , Sam was the best and all 3 of us had the best time"

Margaret H.

Kenya/Rwanda, Jan 2023


5 Stars

 "So much thought, care, and detail went into the planning and execution of the trip. Super impressed!


Highlights:  Our Maasai guide showing me wild elephants for the first time.  They knew I was very excited to see elephants in the wild. Our first safari was 12 hours long, and we hadn’t seen elephants. We were heading back to the camp, and our truck stopped. Dan looked at me and said “I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted it to be a surprise, but now we will show you the elephants.” I turned around, and there was a small herd of elephants right behind me. I was in tears. I know we had many elephant moments after that, but that first herd at sunset will always stay with me.

The second most memorable was the newborn gazelle. And third was watching an elephant herd for a long while, and they started walking toward us and then right between our two trucks. One of them could have reached me with his trunk! And finally, the herd of hippos all clamoring to get out of the water at the same time. So powerful!! 

I'm just super grateful to have been a part of this experience. You and David made this trip possible for me and I'll be forever thankful. If you need a quote for your website, I'd be happy to draft something. Oh, and I really liked having our names on the water bottles. We didn't do that at WSOS and people were always getting their bottles misplaced." 

Sunny B

Kenya, January 2023


5 Wonderful Stars!!!!

"Getting to Fisi Camp and meeting the Masai people.  That dance!  Wow.  Our first safari drive right afterwards - it was so perfect and all the animals we saw immediately.  Going to the Giraffe rescue, and feeding them.  I know this was unofficial but I really liked the Ocean Sole visit.  Hotel Rudi - just amazing.

3. Improvements? Nope. It was pretty great

4. It was an amazing experience.  I thought it was nicely paced with a variety of good and different stuff.  The 2 long days were long, but I understand why it was necessary.  I am just blown away with the abundance of wildlife on the Mara and just how close we were to the animals.


Thank you, thank you.  You and David created an incredible, once in a lifetime experience.  It was very illuminating and up lifting. 

We hope and wish for the best for both of you."

Kat I

Kenya, January 2023


Five stars, definitely. 

"I was shocked by the sheer number of animals, both the number of species, and their populations. They are far more prolific and healthy than I ever imagined. That was such a good thing to learn. The cheetah kill was surreal; I’ll never forget that. I love that when a giraffe runs it looks as if they are in slo-mo. They are so graceful and beautiful. Seeing my spirit animal, the zebra, in the wild, was a highlight as well. 

This was a trip of a lifetime, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It was great to meet you two."

Kevin B

Kenya, January 2023


5 Stars

Highlights include: 

The kids at Basecamp, ENP, meeting Lek, the waterfall / hot springs, beautiful massage, and the kids at Basecamp.

You're both incredible and beautiful people. 

"Keep up the good work.  We'd love to help you out.  You're welcome to stay with us in SR during your visit.


Peace and love, Brad and Gayle


 highly recommend"

Gayle and Brad, Thailand 2022

 "An incredible experience of which there really are no words to adequately express how much it meant to me! The people I met and instantly bonded with and shared the most amazing experiences with! Will be my friends and travel family forever 

The incredible experience of being with these magnificent elephants and feeling their energy now that they are free from their shackles and misery left me with such deep feelings of joy and happiness  Truly a life changing experience and life journey!"

Donna K. Thailand 2022

via Facebook

5 of course! 

"It was amazing to visit both the Children's Project and ENP. Both of these experiences have left a life long imprint on my heart. The beauty and kindness of everyone with whom we interacted was amazing. It is through the deep relationships that AFE has developed at a very local level that allowed us, as guests, to be able to quickly connect in a meaningful way. While we all come for the elephants and animals, it is the person-to-person contact that ultimately solidifies the memories and encourages continued support via donations, online connections, etc. Thanks to Thyra and David for taking the time to create these incredible relationships.  

You are awesome. Thanks so much for doing what you do. You have changed so many lives - human, elephant, and other."

Linda B. Thailand 2022

My rating is a 5+


The three giving opportunities (Base Camp, dog/cat food and presents for staff kids). It really felt good to give

Land mine museum; particularly Mr Hak. 

The group of people on the trip. 


The trip group was extraordinary. I don’t think it was by chance that we all came together so cohesively, but I don’t know what specifically made us gel."  "Maybe it’s simply the type of person your marketing appeals two. It struck me that several people signed up after meeting you in person initially so it could be people who are drawn to you two." 

"Just a wonderful, truly memorable, special time in our lives. Thank you, thank you."


Dan S.

Thailand/Cambodia 2022 




ENP in general ; Making the cake ; Walking the dogs ; Climbing the water fall ; Knowing the children at the camp ; Hiking and eating at the tribal village and my big "surprise"

Much more to add actually. Every moment was a highlight. Soooo many highlights. And you and David always available for everybody. Thank you for such a dream trip again and your nice words on the beautiful elephant card. See you soon "

Florence L 

Thailand December 2022



(3 AFE Adventures)


'My heart is full after 10 days in Thailand.

I have dreamt about visiting Elephant Nature Park after watching the premiere of Love And Bananas in 2018 (now available on Prime). That film opened my eyes to the plight of the Asian Elephants and the opportunity we have through education, empathy and compassion to protect these beautiful beings. In 2019, I discovered Arte For Elephants (well, I ran into their booth at our local art and wine festival filled with Thyra’s beautiful art and David’s photography)and learned that they also offer ethical, humane and affordable adventures to amazing places including ENP. The chemistry with both of them felt right and I took a couple days to check all of their positive reviews. I knew I had to make this happen and I jumped in and paid my deposit! What I didn’t realize at the time was the profound sense of love I would gain from this trip. 15 people started out basically as strangers and forged a very special bond as we shared incredible meals together, explored temples and markets in Chiang Mai, shopped for basic necessities for the Basecamp orphanage/school and ENP, visited with beautiful children and spent a day with several tribes in the mountains of Chaing Dao learning about their culture. We hiked, visited a waterfall, experienced a 4 course Thai cooking class, took advantage of multiple Thai massages and of course spent time with the elephants (and cats, dogs, chickens, water buffalo…). I have so much to share about this trip and 100’s of photos, but for today I will just say thank you to all who encouraged me to take this journey, for Robbie who graciously joined his mama, for the friendships we made on this trip, to the people who advocate for animal and human rights and to David and Thyra who are making ethical travel possible. It all starts and ends with love, and it’s magical."

Carrie C. 

Thailand 2022

via Facebook


5 out of 5


ENP #1

The children and orphanage visit

Visiting the villages/people 

This is my 2nd adventure with AFE and it won’t be my last!!!  

Kim T

Thailand December 2022


"I would definitely give the trip a 5 rating


and everything about the trip was fabulous! I will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. I can’t wait for 2024!! Much love"

Vonney P

Thailand December 2022


"It was a 10" (out of 5)

It's hard to pick out one highlight. I think making connections (both elephant and human). You have set up the trip in such a way that it is easy to make connections, and we all become a small family of sorts. The whole trip was just amazing! I appreciate all the hard work you do to make it all go so smoothly. The whole experience was beyond my expectations. Thank you for everything! "

Suzanne P

Thailand December 2022


"5’s all across the board.

It was cathartic for me. Wonderful, amazing and hard to describe.

Have to be there to understand!  


Hope C

Thailand December 2022


5 (out of 5)

"Hill Tribe visit, of course all things Elephant Nature Park, preparing a Thai meal

What a magnificent adventure! Perfectly planned with so many special details.. The absolute best!!"

Pam T

Thailand December 2022


"Of course my biggest and most emotional highlight was ENP. Meeting Lek & Darrick. Getting to speak with Lek in depth, learning things about her that I already knew but hearing straight from her mouth was absolutely amazing. Spending every moment totally engulfed with these most magnificent elephants is something I will cherish forever. The love, strength and tenderness I witnessed from everyone I encountered at ENP gave me a deep feeling of comfort in knowing the elephants are in the best place possible. This is all I could have hoped for.

Thank you for putting together a WONDERFUL itinerary and going above and beyond for each and every one of us. 

It was a real pleasure meeting and spending time with you. 


Looking forward to Africa!"

Robin V

Thailand December 2022


"AFE Adventures is an amazing company! I had the most wonderful trip of a lifetime to Kenya with AFE just before the pandemic hit. You haven't lived until you've bounced around in a Range Rover seeing elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes just to name a few. You will see so much more than I can describe here. It's exciting and life changing. AFE is ethical travel at its best.  Thyra and David Rutter are incredible hosts, knowledgeable and so much fun to adventure with. I'm not a photographer like David, but even for a novice it's hard not to get a good photo.

Can't wait for Thailand and Cambodia!"

Jenny H- January 2020 Guest via



"This was a life-changing experience and we know much of that has to do with the fact that it was specifically with AFE.  We had no idea what to expect and were ready for anything.  Each day, each moment, was amazing and meaningful.  Everything was a new experience for us and we were extremely impressed with AFE.  We felt safe every step of the way.  We appreciate the time, research and effort that must have gone into creating this tour.  The hotels were fantastic, Fisi Camp was awesome, our guides were THE best, our schedule was expertly laid out, the activites were perfect, and the food was delicious accommodating every restriction and preference.  We met such wonderful people, starting with Thyra and David and including all our fabulous guides, drivers and hosts.  We were glad to be with a tour group that was so connected to the local community and ready to give back in any way possible.  The school trip was especially rewarding and the Maasai village was inspiring.  These types of connections really enrich the safari experience.  We have been spoiled and will always have these expections for any other tour group we join, so we guess we will just have to continue our adventures with AFE because no one else will come close!"

Beth G- June 2022


"We loved the Fisi camp for so many reasons. We loved that it was small so that we were able to get to know the staff well. Having dinner in the evenings after a long day of safaris felt like coming home to a cozy meal in your own dining room. The food exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds--I would love to bring the cooking staff home with me! 

The Masai were such a pleasure to get to know. We really appreciated their expertise and their conscientious attentiveness to any possible need we may have. We felt very safe and comfortable. We loved visiting the school and having the opportunity to give the children supplies. We loved seeing the Masai village. Allyn’s favorite part of the trip was “meeting and getting to know the Masai.” I was so grateful we had the opportunity to experience a different and lovely culture. Meeting the Masai was one of the best parts of our trip!

We were surprised at the sheer volume and diversity of animals we saw on safari, thanks to our outstanding location and the incredible expertise of our drivers and spotters. Visiting and taking photos at the border between Kenya and Tanzania was a super fun addition. The breakfasts and lunches out on safari were outstanding as well! 


I can’t say enough good things about Sheldrick—the private tour was one of my favorite experiences on the trip. Loved the giraffe sanctuary. The two restaurants outside of our hotel were fabulous. Hotel Rudi was quaint with comfortable rooms, a wonderful staff, and great food! We appreciated how close Hotel Rudi was to all the excursions we went to in Nairobi. Amboseli

The hotel was comfortable and lovely, and the staff was very kind to bring extra food to our table in order to accommodate the vegans in our group. We were so glad we included this extension on our trip because we were able to add flamingos to our safari menagerie, and NOTHING can beat that cheetah cub experience! We liked visiting the marshy part of the park to see the elephants in action in the water. All of the elephants were magical.

Our drivers to and from Nairobi were fabulous! And they picked great bathroom stop locations to boot. 

Thyra and David, you couldn’t have been better. The design and execution of this trip was perfect! Allyn verbalized to me how much he really liked both of you. There aren’t two better guides out there! Thank you!"


Alyssa P- May 2022


I went on the Elephant Magic Safari Kenya trip Sept 2021 after postponing the trip a few times because of COVID.  Thyra and David made this truly a magical once in a lifetime trip.  They know the locals and the added extra special experiences throughout the trip.  From the private tours in Nairobi to the best guides during the Safari.  We saw the Big 5 in less than 24 hours after arriving in Masai Mara.  While they don't guarantee any animal sightings, you will have the best chance with them.  On top of the animals, we got to see Great migration of wildebeests across the Nile.  I HIGHLY recommend if you want to visit Kenya and have the best experiences to go with AFE Adventures/Travel."


" I truly loved this AFE safari experience. It was an experience of a lifetime! I was so impressed and inspired by how ethical it was in all respects, from respecting the animals and the people, to the overall attitudes of Thyra and David and the guests. It was a great balance between 'roughing it' and having a comfortable, easy stay. I also felt like there was a great balance between long, rough game drives and more relaxing days. It gave you the chance to recover and head out for another adventure. The visits to the village and school were great, and it allows guests to know that they are actually contributing to something rather than just seeing the wildlife and leaving. All the various staff members, from Hotel Rudi, Ken and Marie, the Masai spotters and drivers, etc., were phenomenal. Thyra and David also did an excellent job managing the group, keeping the peace, and making the experience upbeat and fun. It was a magical experience, and I plan to travel with AFE in the future!"

Victoria G. June 2022


"5 Star Experience

I had the best time - it was a dream come true! The people I toured with were a great bunch and I feel like have an extended family. David and Thyra Rutter have provided an immersive and fun tour to Kenya that is well-worth every penny."

Jennifer B- June 2022


My favorite vacation ever! Magical and unique experience! I loved seeing so many beautiful animals and meeting the friendly Kenyan people. Filled me with so much joy!  I can’t wait to return!”


Masai guides are the coolest! Very knowledgeable and fun to be around. All of the safaris were spectacular. I like the all day drives. Definitely keep those. 


Fisi Camp is comfy and food is delicious. They could add some bathroom hooks for clothes and towels. Marie and Ken and their staff are very nice. Hotel Rudi was fantastic!! 


Amboseli Kibo Lodge is terrific! Loved the upgraded tents and delicious food. 

SWT, Giraffe Sanctuary and Blixen museum were all wonderful tours. Loved hugging the baby elephants and feeding the giraffes. Restaurants were all excellent. 


Overall my safari experience was a 10+

Thyra and David, thank you so much for your leadership, companionship and friendship. Our group was very special and I now have new friends to stay connected with." 

Ellen G. May 2022


"Safari was awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed everything " 

5 Stars!!

Lori DJ June 2022


 "I appreciated the kindness, sensitivity and openness of Thyra and David as well as their knowledge of the animals and their closeness to the people we met especially the Masai.

  I loved ….

…going off roading, crashing through the bush only to find ourselves in the presence of a lion or cheetah hidden in the bush.

…the many moments we stopped to observe and wait and watch the animals, their behavior, interactions and rhythms: moms with babies, lions protecting their kill, cheetah cubs frolicking. Baboons jumping into the river, hippos wallowing in a secret waterhole, lions mating..all unforgettable.

…the Masai people, especially the guides, their gentle kindness in sharing their way of life in living so close to the land 

…recognition by Thyra and David of the importance of the spiritual and personal component of the safari experience. It was more than just an “Ooh” “Ahh” experience. Not just a “cookie cutter” safari but one that was created out of the people on the trip and the precious moments with the animals as they presented themselves.

…African sunrises and sunsets..magical doesn’t even begin to describe it!"

Sheila M, May, 2022


"We liked everything about it. We attended a retirement party the evening we arrived back . Everyone at the party knows about how special this trip was and have already asked for information on signing up in the future. The personal and intimate nature of the trip, the small group of fellow travelers, the small vehicle groups with amazing access.......the Maasai people.......the Maasai guides........the Maasai village.......the staff at Rudi........the 4-5 hour car trips to Fisi and Amboseli.........the cost.........we liked EVERYTHING!!!!  An African safari has never been on my bucket list, as I envisioned it to be what the large corporations offer....and we couldn't have afforded it. A friend considering the trip wanted to know if they could fly from Nairobi to Amboseli or to Fisi camp.....that would have made experiencing Kenya impersonal and would take a lot from the trip. So yes, even the 5 hour road trips to Fisi Camp and Amboseli were on our list of what we liked about AFE Safari. Mostly we loved what you two have created with your business…..a way to make people aware and try to help you change adversities around the world a little bit at a time because that’s the only way to do it. We admire you and we’re honored to have participated in this trip."

Leslie & Dale W., May 2022



"To be honest I have wanted to really give valuable feedback or write something profound but the reality is the trip was a once in a lifetime.  More magnificent and incredible then we could have imagined!  We thought it would be all or the majority plant based so were surprised when 50% of the group were meat eaters but we understand that you would not fill your trips if you required plant based eating.  We would have liked more hikes or physicality but we realized that would cut time on safaris, school and village visits, etc.  So in the end it was perfect a 5+++!!!  This is a real testament to you and David, Ken and Marie, the Masai people (Especially Sammy and the kitchen team, Allyson, Daniel, Wilson, Ole, T'mama, Tangesha, Saya, Julius, etc.), Edwin and Steven, and staff at Hotel Rudi and Duncan at Amboseli.  We have told everyone about the trip, and you both, and hopefully others will sign up and we will travel with you again." 

Christy and Craig S.

May 2022



"The trip was like being at a club with an excellent DJ. We were eased into the rhythm of Africa in Nairobi, danced hard and fast at Fisi Camp, then given the luxury of  Amboseli, with a return to highs on safari. The transitional rides between locations gave everyone a chance to recuperate. The orchestration was impeccable! You played the crowd so well!


So much more to say, I loved everything especially Fisi Camp."

May 2022 Guest  K


"5+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Life Changing!"

Linda B.

Kenya Sept, 2021


"5+ infinity. Words can never describe the feeling or experience.'

Katie M.

Kenya, December 2021


"Highly recommend this trip. I dream about going back. I miss the animals with the best group of people."

Melissa K.

Kenya, Sept. 2021


"Best time with AFE Adventures. Can’t wait to go again and again on many trips"

Esther W. 

Kenya, January 2022



Arte for Elephants and the couple that put on these excursions, Thyra and David are next to none.

The time and patience and detail they put into every single thing we do is unmatched. They have trusted and wonderful people they work with and they truly know what they're doing when it comes to having the best vacation you could ask for. This was my first time going on a trip with a tour group and it won't be my last; in fact, I have already committed to signing up for another vacation with them to India! I can not recommend this company (but really, these people) more. They care about every single person they take and they go above and beyond to make sure your vacation is one of the best you'll ever have! A million stars and a billion thank yous, Arte for Elephants!

Dani W- Kenya 9/21


"Just returned home from my trip to Africa. Words can't even express the amazing adventure

I had. I saw things most people will never see, a big tusker, the great migration, a cheetah hunt, visited a Maasai village and school, hiked up a mountain and so much more.

Made a new group of lifelong friends who I shared the adventure with.. Asante Sana Arte For Elephants AFE Travel Community"

Laura B.K- Kenya 9/21

Sept 2021 Group_edited.jpg

10++ STARS


"Arte For Elephants took me on a journey like no other. One that I never wanted to end -- and I  met lifelong friends along the way. Seeing and experiencing the Big 5 in their natural habitat replenished my soul.  I WILL be traveling with Thyra and David again...and again"

Jill Alibrandi- Kenya 9/21


"Absolutely Surreal! I’m in that truck staring at a magnificent rhino. Arte For Elephants (Thyra & David) we’re incredible hosts and now lifelong friends.

Our group of 10 came together and shared the most amazing African adventure with memories for the rest of our lives. There are no words to describe how Africa, it’s people, the beauty and animals gets in your blood."

Georgia A- Kenya 9/21


5+ for sure

"I can’t think of a single thing that I would ask to be improved upon. Between the two of you I have never felt so taken care of. The way you two interact with everyone you come in contact with just highlights what wonderful people/humans you are.

Everyone in the ground crew, the hotel staff and the camp personnel certainly went above and beyond any service you receive in most establishments and activities.

JP and I keep telling people we talk to about the trip that the journey was without a doubt the most amazing adventure we’ve ever taken.

I have recommended your safari to people who have not even expressed and interest in a safari, just in case they do develop an interest."

Bill M- Kenya 2021


"Rating 5+++

Everything was amazing and perfect!


All of the ground crew was exceptional from Wilfred picking us up and the airport, to the amazing hotel staff at Hotel Rudy to all of the drivers and all of the Masai who looked out for us while we slept. Saya was my favorite person to hang out with, but  It sure he is considered ground crew. However, Edwin, our driver to and in Amboseli, was amazing! He was kind, helpful, fun and knowledgeable about the animals. 


This trip was truly amazing. Thyra and David are amazing guests, always looking out for the group and always going the extra mile to make things extra special. Over 40 hours of safari meant seeing a lot of animals very up close and personal in their natural environment. I loved being submerged in the Masai culture and learning their ways and customs. I can’t say enough about this trip except that I WANT TO GO BACK! 

Yes, I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience an authentic safari experience. "

Janna D.- Kenya 2022


"For a rating I give it a solid 5. The experience was beyond my expectations and you and David made me feel so comfortable in a foreign land.

For me this was the trip of a lifetime. Kenya is a beautiful country with the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. 

Kudos to Arte For Elephants Travel. The immersive experience was like no other I’ve ever experienced. The trip to the school is something I will never forget. The visit to the village was a wonderful experience. 

The game drives on Maasai Mara were beyond amazing. 

Thank you for the amazing trip."

Lucia R. Kenya 12/21


The trip was just amazing and such a wonderful experience that I would recommend this trip to anyone! The personal touches we received from Thyra and David made me feel so comfortable traveling to this country. I am not one to travel by myself but I would definitely travel by myself if I was joining another tour with Thyra and David  and  I plan on doing so! Hotel Rudi was over the top and exceeded all expectations as did the "tents" in the Masai Mara and Amboselli. Both tents were more of a glamping experience. The food, guides, drivers, spotters and all the staff at both locations were so welcoming and helpful! Experiencing this was truly life changing after visiting the schools and local villages! I knew I was blessed before, but seeing how some cultures live today, was very eye opening! I wear one of the bracelets I purchased at the village as a reminder of how lucky I am!"

Sonia M. -Kenya 12/21


"The most amazing experience, exceeded every expectation. The people were wonderful. No words can capture the phenomenal experience I had on this trip. Thank you Thyra and David. If you are up for the adventure of a lifetime, this is the trip to take"

Stefani D- Kenya 2020


"I had a great experience. the itinerary was thought out to accommodate every interest. The Time at ENP was above and beyond my expectations. All the hotel accommodations were excellent and comfortable. The food was just amazing never hungry at any point. Do not hesitate to book this trip. EXCELLENT! "

Stacy C.- Thailand 2019

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 5.29.32 PM.png

"I am thrilled to tell you about my trip to Thailand. It was a dream come true! The organizers (Thyra & David) took care of every detail so I didn't have to. They designed a very thoughtful program and I experienced Thailand with zero worries, concerns or mishaps. My accommodations were beautiful and I experienced something new and authentic for ME every day of my stay." 

Elena E.- Thailand 2019


"Everything was great. An amazing experience. Beautiful, typical and comfortable accommodations. Nice group, breathtaking sceneries. Stunning and numerous animals etc. But this couldn't have been such a unique experience without all of the Masai guides (and friends now) and the perfect organization of Thyra and David who made us feel like the best group they ever had. It was a dream come true. Even better than anything I had imagined. I wish I could repeat this experience !!!"

Flo L- Kenya 2020


"There are only two words I can gather to describe this trip: Perfect and magical. I have dreamed of visiting Kenya for years and Thyra and David put together the trip of a lifetime. They are so knowledgable and the best guides I could ever imagine. The group came together and we immediately clicked. This trip was one of the most memorable and will hold a special place in my heart." 

Tiffany P- Kenya 2020


"This trip was my first ever abroad and I really believe it set the bar high for future traveling. Thyra and David created a truly magical experience for us one that I will hold dearly in my heart. Everything was planned out so well and thoughtfully . The retreat had a beautiful flow and rhythm to it. I loved how the general theme behind everything was compassion. My heart is full 10 out of 10!! A journey with them would be impossible not to enjoy! Thank you Arte for Elephants for the journey of a lifetime!"

Amy B- Thailand 2019


"Once again an amazing retreat with Arte for Elephants. This trip was so much more than I imagined. Seeing beautiful Kenya and all of the animals was a dream come true. I loved seeing the baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the giraffes at the giraffe center and last but not least, the Masai Mara and Amboseli.I will cherish this experience in my heart forever. Thank you Thyra and David and our amazing group. Until we meet again! Asante Sana!

Sanna N- Kenya 2020


"Exceptional organizers and tour package. Very engaging group and tour package. Superb pacing for events and reflection. Best week we've had in many a year. So much to see, much to do and time to reflect upon. Extraordinary program  a 5+ out of 5!" 

Cara and Jack 

 Thailand 2019

Arte for Elephants Adventures

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