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"Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime in Kenya and I truly don’t have the words to describe what an incredible experience it was. I’m overcome with emotion thinking back on it, and I know this experience will be with me forever. Deep gratitude to AFE Adventures for curating a beautiful, brilliant and impactful journey.

I highly recommend this tour company for an authentic experience."

Monique L

 "An incredible experience of which there really are no words to adequately express how much it meant to me! The people I met and instantly bonded with and shared the most amazing experiences with! Will be my friends and travel family forever 

The incredible experience of being with these magnificent elephants and feeling their energy now that they are free from their shackles and misery left me with such deep feelings of joy and happiness  Truly a life changing experience and life journey!"

Donna K

"Arte For Elephants took me on a journey like no other. One that I never wanted to end -- and I  met lifelong friends along the way. Seeing and experiencing the Big 5 in their natural habitat replenished my soul.  I WILL be traveling with AFE again...and again"

Jill A

AFE Magic Memories
What memories will you make? 

Arte for Elephants Adventures

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